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What’s HUB?

HUB Cloud Platform simplifies the adoption of decentralized data storage through its integration of PIPE, an open-source, highly-flexible decentralized infrastructure.

PIPE’s unique architecture delivers exceptional performance and quantum-grade security at a fraction of the cost of centralized alternatives. Join the forefront of data storage innovation with HUB Cloud Platform and PIPE – the future of data storage


 Our interface makes using Hub Cloud as easy as possible


Hub Cloud offers Quantum Security as a service


Fine-tune performance levels required for your use case


Create Hub Cloud server instances in under a minute

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TangleHUB is currently beta testing its underlying decentralized storage infrastructure, PIPE, and we believe that it has the potential to be a game-changer in the industry. Our first product launch will be a file storage solution within our HUB Cloud platform.

If you are an innovative enterprise, team, or developer, we invite you to sign up for our MVP and experience the capabilities of the HUB Cloud platform for yourself.


Our ecosystem is expanding at a high rate.

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