PIPE MVP installation guide

This blogpost contains 4 videos that show how the PIPE GitHub is set up and how to use the PIPE MVP Beta.

For an introduction about what PIPE is and the purpose of this beta, please read PIPE MVP Beta introduction. You can find all GitHub repos here, after you’ve applied for access through our Beta program.

Github Overview

This video explains all of the repositories and what they contain. It tells you what repos and dependencies you need to run PIPE locally, or build it from source code.

PIPE Node and PIPE Wasm module

This video explains the differences between different types of PIPE Nodes and PIPE WASM. More importantly, it explains why the WASM Module was created.


This video demonstrates how the PIPE Demo installed in the previous video communicates with the PIPE Network.


This video demonstrates how a PIPE Node can be compiled from source, configured to participate in the PIPE Network and be used with PIPE Demo or any other web application.

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