PIPE decentralized storage and transfers

PIPE offers decentralized data storage and transfer with a focus on user experience. It solves the problem of how to store and transfer any amount of data immutably and decentralized in a user friendly way.

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What is the purpose of PIPE decentralized storage and transfers?

We believe that users should regain control of their data. PIPE makes it simple and secure to store and manage your data, whether you want to keep it private, share it with someone you trust, or sell it on a data market.

What makes PIPE user-friendly?

PIPE’s design is extremely flexible, which allows developers to make it as performant, scalable, secure, and affordable as the use case requires.


 Fast storage and retrieval.

Quantum security

As secure as the use case needs to be.


Store as much data as you require.


Low costs and predictable prices.

Decentralized data: key to web2.5 and web3

PIPE will transform data ownership. Because of its scalability and consistent costs, PIPE will be a key component in kickstarting widespread web2.5 and web3 adoption. The ability to store large amounts of data immutably while maintaining granular control over who has access to it elevates crypto beyond financial instruments and will revolutionize data ownership.

Because PIPE has self-organizing features, it can reliably store files over longer periods without the user actively monitoring. This is a huge improvement over other storage protocols and essential for broad adoption.

How does PIPE scale?

In short PIPE can scale and keep data storage costs stable by anchoring data channels on Layer 1 and moving the bulk of data throughput to Layer 2. By separating the trust function from throughput, there is virtually no limit to how much data can be stored, while still retaining the trust levels from the IOTA/Shimmer network.

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Our ecosystem is expanding at a high rate.

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