Press release: Tanglehub presents solution to faster reopening of Dutch economy

Haarlem, February 16, 2021: Tanglehub develops privacy focused Fast Pass for COVID vaccinations and tests. The proof of concept shows an application running on mobile phones linking a unique identifier to a vaccination status or test results on an immutable ledger. The privacy and security of the users are central and can create a solution to a fast(er) re-opening of industries (e.g. hotel and catering, event and exhibition, retail among many)

Our unique approach uses state of the art quantum proof encryption technology and decentralized data processing. Additionally, our fast pass application also upholds GDPR regulations and offers a consensus option to cancel all decentralized stored data. The application is designed with open source software to give full transparency to end-users

With this proof of concept, we call Dutch organizations to form an alliance regardless of the industry to create the first privacy focused tool together with Tanglehub to re-open the Dutch economy faster and better

The video released with this press release demonstrates how the process of registering, adding a vaccine/test status and fast pass checking works.

About Tanglehub

Tanglehub utilizes distributed ledger technology to create innovations that boost data security and privacy. Our products include Skaly, ION, Mycelium and Freighter. Besides, Tanglehub offers innovative solutions to future-oriented organizations that prepare their IOT dataflow into a secure and controllable platform.

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