Press release: SKALY launches Tanglehub:
a new umbrella brand and assigns new Head of Design

Haarlem: SKALY is now bundling its brands under the umbrella brand Tanglehub. With the new brand, the company is emphasising its strength of innovation and its focus on data security and privacy by using distributed ledger technology. 

By bundling the brands ION, Freighter, Mycelium and SKALY under the Tanglehub brand, the company is repositioning to create a clear focus on data security and privacy. Dennis Schouten, Co-Founder and CEO of Tanglehub states: “Our developed products function perfectly standalone, but they can add even more value combined. However, due to the different brands, it easily creates confusion. For that reason, it was necessary to introduce an umbrella brand that bundles this with a clear focus”

Furthermore, Tanglehub assigns Christopher Gram as head of design. “With Christopher, we assigned a veteran designer that will take tanglehub and its underlying products to the next level.” according to Stan Scharnigg, Co-Founder and CFO of Tanglehub.

About Tanglehub

Tanglehub utilizes distributed ledger technology to create innovations that boost data security and privacy. Our products include Skaly, ION, Mycelium and Freighter. Besides, Tanglehub offers innovative solutions to future-oriented organizations that prepare their IOT dataflow into a secure and controllable platform.

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